The Band

behind the music

Craig Weir


Craig Weir: Craig (30) is renowned as one of the country’s top pipers. He has played at prestigious high profile events all around the world. Craig also fronts Craig Weir & The Cabalistic Cavalry and enjoys collaborating with various projects. He also co-hosted Weir’s World: The All Ears Podcast.


Ross White


Ross White: Ross (31) has been playing guitar since he was small (some would argue he still is). He enjoyed writing and performing with the band and has special memories from the band’s US performances. Ross also enjoys orienteering and outdoor sports.


Paul Weir


Paul Weir: Paul (27) is the band’s drummer. He enjoys keeping the band in time. When not on-stage Paul can be found at Dens Park supporting Dundee FC.


Graeme Ritchie


Graeme Ritchie: Graeme (31) is the band’s bass player. He enjoys good old fashioned banter, and provides the band with many laughs. When not on-stage Graeme can be found in his tractor, as he is a keen farmer.


Ewan Barrack


Ewan Barrack: Ewan (30) is the band’s saxophonist and has played with the band for many years now. Ewan is a keen musician and plays in The Flingstones ceilidh band. Being that he is a doctor, he is a handy member to have in the camp!


David Williams


David Williams: David (30) from Shrewsbury is also a saxophonist. He has played with the band since 2018. David is slowly learning how to put on a kilt correctly but it has taken him several years to do so.


Kerr Barrack


Kerr Barrack: Kerr (30) is the band’s accordionist and has played with the band for many years. He is a keen musician and plays in The Flingstones ceilidh band. Kerr can turn his hand to several instruments when required to do.


Marc Lyon


Marc Lyon: Marc (31) started off as a deputy bass player for Graeme but has gone on to be a key creative member of the band. Marc has turned his hand to bass, guitar and keyboard when required. He is also an enthusiastic tambourinist.