Where We’re From

where we are gleadhraich


About Album

‘Where We’re From’ was released in March 2015. The record was recorded at Seagate Studios in Dundee and features Where I’m From, Summer Rain, I’m A Believer, Lost In Guangzhou and Take On Me.


The EP was mixed and mastered by Graeme Watt.


Speaking about ‘Where We’re From’, Craig said “it’s a piece of work we can listen back to with great pride. Many of these pieces are now core songs in our live show and they capture a place in time for us for sure. It’s the first time that we recorded anything with vocals on it so that was a big jump for us and it was also the first time that we included our Accordihorns on a recording too”


Guide and Gazette described ‘Where We’re From’ as ‘a pleasing mix of old… mixing original material composed by the lads and a also a couple of cheeky covers which are always guaranteed crowd pleasers at their live shows’


‘‘Where We’re From’ sees Gleadhraich at a crossroads in their musical career, it acts as a signpost of their beginnings as ingenious musical meddlers and pounds at a more complex and rich future of their own making’.