About Album

Rewritten was released in August 2019 and features Transformation Blues, The Ed Med, Nowhere Man, Double Standards, Dakota and Granny Gordon’s Tyne.


The EP was recorded at Strait Up Studios and mixed and mastered by Ryan Shepherd and the band.


Speaking about ‘Rewritten’ Craig said “this is absolutely our strongest work to date. Like, ‘Definition’, we’ve managed to strike a balance between covers and originals. Transformation Blues and Double Standards are definitely two of our strongest original tracks.


Ed Med is always received well at live shows, because of the contrast from slow to fast. Dakota was a last minute addition, as we’d looked to use something else but then voted to change it. Granny Gordon’s Tune is a piece that we are really proud of and I absolutely love the instrumentation and arrangement that we’ve used on it.


As it stands, we are also currently working on a dance remix of Double Standards for release so stay tuned for that!”